Free PSD Coding

If you have a design that you have created and you are not able or do not have the time to code it into Valid Tableless HTML/CSS and you do not require your site to be 100% unique then give the design to us, we will code it into html/css and send you a copy to use on 1 website.

You must be aware we will at some point use the design as we see fit on a clients site or template site depending on our requirements so your design will not be unique to you. You will not have the right to distribute the design nor use it on more than one site.

If this is of interest to you please fill in the form below to enable us to view the design to see if we would be interested in taking this design. Please note, no money is paid for the design, your payment is the coding of the PSD for you to use on 1 website.

If your design is not on show at a Design Contest website and we are interested in your design you will be asked to upload a copy of your Photo ID which should match your Real Name. (if you have concerns contact us first)
By selecting YES below you are confirming that you accept our terms and conditions as displayed here (opens in new window) and you forfeit all rights to the design sold today.

Payments made by

Paypal (Free)Moneybookers (less fee)Western Union (less fee)